Website Analytics

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.”
W. Edwards Deming


Website Analytics and Tracking

SCT provide end to end services in website analytics and analysis.

Goal setting - what are the goals of the website? Why have it at all?

Setup - can the goals be measured?  Sometimes direct measurements cannot be taken, but indicative measurements can. e.g. A website goal might be to increase sales, but if sales happen offline then this can't be accurately tracked back to the website. Instead some indication, like an enquiry, or access to the contact page may be used as an indicator of increased interest on the website.

Ongoing - Data is only useful if it is used for continuous improvement.  What are visitors doing on the website, and more importantly what aren't they doing?  Where are they coming from? Are SEO efforts having results? How can this information be used to improve the website?