UX/ UI – With a strong foundation in user interface and usability, SCT ensures your web offering will provide an amazing user experience.


UX/ UI and Responsive Design - through responsive design this experience carries seamlessly through to iPad, tablets and smart phones without skipping a beat!

Responsive Design

At SCT we believe that your new website should not only look the business but should also provide an amazing online experience whether on your desktop, iPad, tablet or mobile. That is why we are one of the forerunners and advocates of responsive design.

Responsive design uses intelligent web design practices to allow your website to identify the media it is being viewed on and modify it’s layout accordingly. Your audience can then switch between their desktop, tablet or iPad, and mobile without being directed to a purpose built site for each media or being subjected to a middle-of-the-road online experience.


Web Applications

Web applications have steadily increased in popularity due to their flexibility (they are not platform dependant) and their ability to easily control content from one touch point wherever you may be - without having to install new software or purchase new hardware. SCT creates customised applications for web and screen based media to suit your needs.

Using the Blocks content management system in conjunction with a custom built web application the power is in your hands!