Uber Creative & Designer

Full-time employment available within our creative team as a digital designer.

  • COMPLETED Full-time position available


Inspiring. Creative. Astute. Articulate.
You're a sensational designer and thinker.
Whose skills dove-tail beautifully with life's realities

An open-mind, open eyes and open ears create opportunity.
You uncover ideas other mere mortals may never discover.
You learn from the experience around you and share yours back.

Motivation is fuelled by the challenge of big and small.
You're part of a creative team — through briefings, brainstorms, stand-ups.
Through kick-offs, late nights, and highlights.

You offer advice.
You take guidance.
You work with clients, owners, managers, juniors, interns, developers.
And the occasional Smith Street blow-in.

Digital is in your blood.

You take inspiration from usability — beautiful isn't always functional.
UI and UX is your thing.
You're creatively across HTML and CSS — or maybe code too.
You're in love with Webkit Inspector or FireBug.
And exceptionally handy with the tools of our trade.

You're constantly reading, searching, blogging and listening to tunes.
Always scowling for the latest and greatest to push, inspire and grow.

You're always hungry to take on more — delivering beyond what's put in front of you.
You're here to inspire, motivate and assist a forever-busy team.
You want to build a creative reputation for yourself and for SCT.

You drive projects.
Drive standards.
Drive ideas.

And be part of our proud team.


Want the position?  Send us something special. Email CVs and URLs.

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