The Ian Potter Foundation

A fresh and engaging approach was required
to promote the true essence of this vibrant &
culturally diverse arts sector organisation.


A combination of visually engaging
content for the cultural and artistic
audience yet also fulfils the more
practical need of providing helpful
information, news and a rich history
of the foundation

The website has taken a new confident step in communication with the arts sector audience by balancing a visually appealing layout whilst ensuring easy to access deeper level content including information for grant seekers, grant applications, annual reports and news and events. The process of submitting for an online grant has been reviewed, simplified and refined to decrease stress on the applicant. This combined with success stories of previous grantees to promote the continued need for this culturally minded not-for-profit organisation.

The website content is fully managed by the Publisher content management system allowing for frequent no-fuss updates, this includes the full list of previous Grantees, refined by program area, year, project state and location, which will once fully populated will provide an impressive list of grantee information dating back to 1964.

A main point of concern for the site was assisting grantees to make a guided application with less confusion. From history it was proven that grantees traditionally leave their applications until the very last moment, so although the site links to an external third party grants application, full consideration was given to the evaluation and selection process for grantees to choose their relevant sector, providing concise information and large feature links to their next step.

The design considerations also included both standard navigation structure backed up with prominent and relevant feature boxes to guide the site visitor intuitively through the site.