The Blind Factory

The Blind Factory moved their website to BlocksGlobalĀ® and asked us SCT to manage their SEO and SEM. As a result, non-branded search phrases increased by 250% in the first 12 months.

  • CLIENT The Blind Factory

Designer Blinds. Factory Prices.

After the success of the SEO/SEM managed services, SCT redesigned The Blind Factory website and the SEO and other measurement targets continue to improve.

The Blind Factory website is an important sales and marketing tool, and to be effective it must capture traffic, visualise the product clearly to help drive people through the sales funnel. Their previous SEO strategy and site design required refinement.  Initially, BlocksGlobal® reviewed and implemented the SEO strategy with great results.  Then, with our increased understanding of the market, we redesigned the website. 

SEO Strategy
At the outset of the project the (now former) website was migrated to BlocksGlobal® without and code or UI design changes. Keyword research identified 19 phrases to focus on.  Page titles and Meta (page) descriptions were rewritten based on the keyword research.  With non-branded traffic as our measure for SEO improvement, the results were immediate and dramatic.  In the first month:

  • Rankings were gained on page #3 for 4 phrases, which had previously been beyond page #10 (in a virtual wasteland) – moving at least 70 places.
  • An additional keyword moved to page #1 and 3 new phrases to page #2.  
  • After a 3 month period The Blind Factory achieved a 100% increase in traffic from non-branded keywords.


Site redesign
Our objective was to improve the user experience by simplifying the overall site design to ensure the hero is the blind. The result:

  • A simple yet sophisticated black template provides a great contrast to the clear and beautiful images of blinds.  
  • A section for each blind category supported by a Gallery of up to 10 full-screen images.
  • The unique and usable navigation allowing users to explore the different product options easily.

In particular, the new galleries are proving popular with visitors as the measures of engagement are up since the launch of the new site:

  • Average time on the site is up 60%; and
  • Bounce rates (or people who leave immediately) are down 10%.
  • The new site design has also driven improved ranking in 80% of keywords,  with 3 new keywords on page two.