TFIA Twitter Roll Strategy

TFIA @ L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival
Follow me "twitter birdy" campaign


A few weeks before the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion event, TFIA came to us with a request to amplify TFIAs presence to prospective members via appropriate, strategic and creative means.

Our Solution: Follow me

The objective:
+ Amplify TFIA’s presence and benefits to prospective members during LMFF via appropriate, strategic and creative means
+ Align with the LMFF, speakers and industry alike
+ Deliver TFIA’s message in a voice that’s progressive, thoughtful and compelling
+ Offer incentives that resonate with the audience eg. Complimentary membership or event passes
+ Steer our audience to twitter to redeem incentive and gain knowledge

The idea:
Using the talents of Sarah Brooke, a young illustrator from Melbourne, craft an exquisite TFIA bird to perch – quite literally – on TFIA’s managing director’s shoulder during LMFF events to promote TFIA and encourage people to visit the TFIA twitter roll.

Amplify TFIA’s presence beyond the breakfast by creating a small flock of birds who perch on the shoulders of ‘fashion advocates’ encouraging people to follow on twitter and handing out small info cards and badges.