SEO Services –

SCT have significant in-house experience in helping customers to rank well in Google offering beginning to end SEO services. 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search. You need to be there.

Keyword Research

Lots of the hard work can be done before you design your website. This is often advisable as it can dictate the pages you want to publish.

Keyword research involves finding out what words people really use when searching for sites such as yours and furthermore which keywords are the most popular and which are the most competitive. This enables you to create your website content to maximise the traffic you get from Search Engines.


SEO Training

With Blocks the content is in your hands.

To get the best outcomes we can teach you the essentials of writing content that will work for both search engines and people.  You don't need to be technical or geeky - a few basic principles combined with your knowledge of your audience will set you on your way.

For best results we recommend combining this with keyword research so you know that the phrases you're focusing on are ones that will work.


Behind the Scenes

While great content is the visible side of SEO, just as important are many of the technical aspects of a website - site structure, navigation, domain management, even the amount of code.

SCT has extensive knowledge in ensuring that all layers of your site are built right for search engines.


Analytics Reporting

Once you have your keywords or phases established, SCT can set up reporting with Google Analytics.

This gives feedback on performance enabling you to determine:

  • Which keywords are driving traffic?
  • How much traffic am I getting from SEO (and are they purchasing) - is it paying off?
  • Where should I focus further efforts?

With this established each page can be fine tuned to improve your page ranking.

Note: people often get confused between Google Analytics and Google the search engine.  Although these are both products of the same company, they are independant services.


Mirvac Hotels increased traffic on non branded terms by more than 300%