Search Engine Marketing Services –

Search Advertising is effective because it reaches customers at the point when they are looking for information.
Marketing with measurable results.

Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Pay Per Click (PPC) as it is often called, involves advertising through Search Engines to drive targetted traffic immediately to your website.

If the value of an action on your website is easily quantifiable, like an e-commerce sale, or you know a sales lead is worth on average $5 to you, then Search Engine Marketing may be the most measurable method available for promotion. In just a few weeks it is clear what kind of an ROI you are likely to receive.

SCT has experience in:

  • Selecting the right keywords to advertise on
  • Writing ad copy to maximise your clicks and also minimise costs
  • Tuning ad campaigns to minimise costs per conversion by rejecting lower converting keywords, and even optimising via geographical location or time of day/week.


Google Adwords 

Adwords is Google's SEM solution and is the leading provider.  SCT's Adwords manager, Kath Cashion, is a Google qualified Advertising Professional.