NewQuay Promenade Interactive Signage

Beautiful sweeping galleries, simple apartment selection and clever mapping techniques combine to give the visitor a deeper understanding of the project and the precinct's vision.


Promenade Touch Screens

A combination of 42" wall-mounted touch displays and roaming 10" touch devices complement the sales process, allowing sales staff to lead customers through a journey to qualify the lead. Customers can also use the screens on their own to understand more about the project and precinct, this is particularly relevant during busy events.

Our brief was to engage clients in this vision and the benefits of investing or living in this area. We were commissioned to develop the full identity, expanding an online and offline marketing suite including outdoor media, traditional and digital signage, promotional brochures, a responsive website and touch screen site to encapsulate NewQuay Promenade's brand experience.

The objectives? To gain better quality leads, drive enquiry and sales suite visitation which included the interactive signage; a combination of 42" wall-mounted displays and roaming 10" tablet devices to complement the sales process.

2013 Winner Melbourne Design Awards: Digital Experience – Signage Interactive in both the Market (popular opinion) and Industry (formal) voting categories.