Mirvac Apartment Finder

Mirvac Hamilton Apartment Finder provides a dynamic approach to searching for a Mirvac apartment perfectly suited to your needs and budget.


Next Level Living at Foreshore Hamilton

By applying filters of floor, price and bedrooms — users browse top level specs of individual apartments on a floor-by-floor approach — then click through for expanded apartment and precinct detail including galleries, floorplans and movies.

The floating 'live' navigation provides users continual access to navigation and Agent contacts deep within apartment detail.
Social media hooks allow users to easily push apartment detail to their favourite social networks for purchase opinion.

Next and back arrows allow users to browse through apartment detail that match their search criteria.

Design Challenge

With a rich amount of detail required at both 'project' and 'apartment' level, it was imperative to maintain a clear and usable approach to accessing information.

Three simple steps of 1.Search  2.Refine  3.Apartment detail — allows users to move through the process seamlessly and always return to previous (or new) search criteria.

Information around available stock (apartment) numbers is managed by segmenting search results into groups — floor level sets — better managing customer perception around large or small availability.