Lumen is a product to address our Ageing Population and the Alzheimers [Dementia] Epidemic, by connecting best of breed technologies such as wearables and smart devices to a family communications hub.



Lumen provides new levels of independence and support for senior Australians living at home. It offers and easy way for families to communicate, monitor remotely and provide immediate help if needed.

Having Lumen in your home can:
• Help ensure your safety
• Make communicating with friends, family and carers easy
• Help manage your medical adherence & compliance
• Increase your security
• Prolong your independence

And it’s all very simple to use.

It’s a screen in your home, with functions including:
• one touch emergency help button
• one touch phone calls
• medication reminders
• a single private in-box for checking phone and text messages from carers
• weather, time, appointments and more
• a place for shared family photos

Lumen. Stay in your own home. Just the way you like it.

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