DSE 2012

In 2012 savvy consumers are expecting more from their retail experience. They want to be attracted, engaged, informed and entertained — and we're enjoying the challenge.


Digital Signage Expo DSE 2012 Las Vegas

Digital Signage Expo 2012 took place in Las Vegas early March, and SCT was there with Blocks to present their very latest in screen and digital signage technology...

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is the largest digital signage event in the world, and took place in Las Vegas March 2012.

SCT joined forces with OEM and digital hardware pioneers AOpen to present the future in retail signage solutions.

Utilising SCT’s skills in UI design and customer experience, and the Blocks™ content delivery system — we've created a solution for dynamic, client-managed content creation with multi-channel distribution — a world-first for retail.

We're creating a retail revolution set to change the way businesses engage with their customers through digital display.