Digital Retail Signage

With eCommerce taking a bigger slice of the retail pie than ever before, what can bricks-and-mortar operations do to keep coming back for more?


In 2013 savvy consumers are expecting more from their retail experience. They want to be attracted, engaged, informed and entertained.

It may sound like a tall order, and one that seems inaccessible to those with limited time and budget, but a new digital signage and screen offering from Square Circle Triangle (SCT) ensures that every retailer can take advantage of this move towards online retail by not only promoting engagement in-store but encouraging customers to take the retail experience with them when they leave the store.

SCT’s digital signage and screen solutions utilise the Blocks content management system to allow for quick and seamless updates, as well as the ability to either broadcast updates once to any number of devices or custom update each device with localised content.

  • Assist customers with in-store purchases
  • Update prices anywhere — anytime
  • Gamify your retail environment
  • Share content from screen to screen
  • Create wish lists that can be sent to a customer’s mobile via SMS or
  • Run ‘loyalty’ and ‘just-in-time’ promotions