Blind Factory Sales Tool

Professional, polished and paper-free sales presenter designed for sales reps on the move.


The Blind Factory approached SCT with a request to increase efficiency and conversions during the sales process by enabling their sales staff to increase customer engagement.

The Blind Factory sales tablet enables agents to showcase the latest products and imagery on-the-move, with the ability to tag images with their customers to create a custom .pdf brochure specific to their choices.

As a compact 10" tablet the sales team no longer carry carry heavy portfolios of parts and the full screen presentation of product and images provide obvious professional finish.

Built using the latest web technologies, it's really a website that behaves like a native app without the shortcomings. It's updateable, smooth, works both offline and online and all content is client-managed in-line with the rest of The Blind Factory's digital media using Blocks Global.

Integrated with Google Analytics, user acitivity is measurable allowing insights to usage that will infirm ongoing feature improvements and more informed conversations with clients.

This is the beginning of the end of the printed brochure… at least for The Blind Factory, with a reduction of 5,000+ printed brochures each year. Cheaper, more green, always current, measurable, and can adapt, evolve and integrate with other systems over time.

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