Bedshed wanted to lead the way in best practice shopping experiences for the franchisee and customer. This meant saving time and resources while making shopping easier for customers trying to choose furniture.


Bedshed Interactive Touch Displays

A franchisee survey rated this
unit at 8.6 out of 10

BlocksGlobal® created an intelligent, touchscreen solution with motion-detection to personally respond to customers. It could display large images across a room, then instantly change its content to a personal invitation to engage. 

The design allows franchisees to market to a local area, using multi-lingual marketing with brand control. A customer assist button activates a physical light using Arduino technology. Floor stock is then matched to stock displayed on screen using Blocks™ Catalogues, giving a clear and compelling view.

  • In "normal" operation the screen plays HTML-based marketing messages, such as large banners and wayfinding content.
  • A rangefinder sonar sensor, connected to the player via a Phidgets USB interface, detects movement when someone walks within range and switches content to an invitation to interact further.
  • Users can add items to a wishlist as they go, and enter their email address to get a customised PDF brochure of their wishlist products
  • Customers who want assistance can hit an "assist me" button. This sends an Ajax request to the sales desk where a box with an Ethernet-enabled Arduino board lights up a pre-determined colour LED, indicating where the customer is
  • Linger stats (tracking 5, 10, 30 & 60 sec lingers) are recorded