Balloon Over Melbourne

A breathtaking marriage of technology,
accessibility, design, social media and SEO


Elegant display across all smart-phones,
tablets and browsers.

Chris Shorten aka "Balloonman" is a legend of hot-air ballooning industry and operates an unforgettable experience for customers.

During the research and customer insight phase (er... we went balloooning a lot) we recognised customers were the most powerful marketing medium and by embodying the experience of ballooning we could leverage customers as advocates for PR and marketing via social media.

Balloon Flights Over Melbourne website is a breathtaking marriage of technology, accessibility, design, social media and SEO.

The stunning responsive design has received unprecedented positive feedback as a site that not only retains a visually stunning aesthetic, but also provides a functional user and easy flight booking across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The feature set

  • responsive design provides accessibility on mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • powerful SEO balanced with breath-taking imagery
  • personalised flight data pages including video, flight path and altitude metrics
  • live weather feed
  • flight packages seamlessly link to booking forms
  • rich social media integration
  • breath-taking galleries
  • eMail marketing


Before: The old Balloon man site had mediocre rankings for most of their important search phrases - principally appearing on page 2 of Google's search results.  For the purposes of getting traffic, page 2 is not much better than nowhere.  

After: With the launch of the new website, SCT focussed on 10 high traffic phrases.

  • All 10 phrases were lifted to the top 4 places in Google rankings within a month and have remained there.
  • SEO drives 2/3 of online bookings (though Balloon man also runs a paid advertising campaign)